Healthcare365 is an interface which bridges the gap between medical practitioners and patients. With a mission to ensure that no person has to lose out on good health, Healthcare 365 helps you find the medical care that will suit the best for you.

About us

Over the last few decades, health complications are on the rise in India. Leading a fast-track life is the motto of the day, but such a life creates a huge toll on health. Unhealthy food habits, high stress, lack of sleep and inadequate exercise results in lifestyle diseases. During these critical situations, finding the right place to get treated is the need of the hour. Constraints like medical history, geographical location, financial position, stage of the disease etc are certain factors that come to the mind first. Additionally, understanding the healthcare process can be quite complicated for the ordinary person. Considering which doctor to visit, which tests to get done, can all be confusing and long-drawn.


Transformative Healthcare Services

Every person deserves to be healthy & happy. Our diverse range of healthcare solutions ensures good health for all!


Your convenience, our responsibility!

Hospital procedures can be complicated. We help you by handling all the responsibilities while you focus on getting better!
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Register on the Healthcare365 portal. Once patient sends reports, they will be briefed about the doctor or hospital.
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On getting confirmation from the patient for their availability, we will fix their appointment with the respective doctor.
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The doctor will examine you and look into your condition to make the right diagnosis and sort out the right treatment plan for you.
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Once you are in good health, we will handle all discharge procedures and make your journey back home with full satisfaction.


Sunitha Rao
Sunitha Rao

The team understood my needs and all the procedures were managed by them, finding a doctor, setting up appointment, getting me admitted, getting all the tests. It was a wonderful and peaceful experience for me and my family.

VIjay Kumar
VIjay Kumar

My entire treatment was very convenient. I had to do nothing! The POC at Healthcare365 managed everything for me. It was a great experience!


Being new to Bangalore, I did not know any doctors. Healthcare365 found me a doctor close to my home who was experienced and could help me with my health problem. Kudos to the team!