About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To connect with patients at times of difficulty and hand hold them for a world class patient experience.

Our Responsibilities

Connecting with patients
Assisting them during difficult medical emergencies
Be a part throughout the complete medical process
Providing a premium patient experience

Our Vision

To be the most preferred Healthcare partner in India with the objective of working towards "Good Health for all".

Our Responsibilities

Being the preferred healthcare partner in India
Serving patients across India and throughout the world
Being a one-stop-solution for all healthcare needs
Ensuring good health for all

More About Healthcare 365

Medical emergencies are challenging and that is the time that you need a professional company like Healthcare 365. The moment you reach us, we will analyse the situation, suggest the right hospital which can offer the best possible medical solution, hand hold you through the entire Hospital process and be with you till discharge. This assistance by us can offer you peace of mind and make the Hospital visits less cumbersome.

Healthcare 365 is a company managed by a professional team having requisite experience in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals for the last 30 years. We understand the need of all patients and hence refer them only to Hospitals which has got NABH / JCI / ISO accreditation as well as to diagnostic centers which have got NABL accreditation. This is to ensure that every patient who visits through Healthcare 365 Pvt Ltd., gets high-quality care and where patient safety is given utmost importance.

Our Partners Accreditation's

NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers)

International Organization for Standardization ( ISO )

NABL Accreditation

Joint Commission International (JCI)

Our Experience in Healthcare

We have requisite experience in the medical industry. We have partnered with medical professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to provide the finest diagnostic services.
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30 +
Our Experience
This experience helps us to understand your medical needs and suggest you to the best hospital/doctor.
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Our Partners
Our partners will provide you with the best services and a world-class patient experience.
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Happy Patients
Timely and effective medical treatment, resulting in incresing happy clients

Role Of Healthcare 365

Finding and collating a holistic list of doctors and hospitals, spanning multiple specialities like IVF, neurology, cardiology to name a few speciality.
Understanding the symptoms, medical history and requirements of the patient.
Connecting patients with relevant medical professionals and healthcare centres.
Helping the patient throughout the hospital process, till the patient is discharged.

How Healthcare 365 Makes a Difference in Your Life

Connecting With People
Medical emergencies can be frightening. We help you by managing all the hospital-related procedures so that you can focus on getting better!
World-Class Patient Experience
We have partnered with some of the top doctors and hospitals in India. Our motive is to provide you with the finest patient experience.
Good Health For All
An extensive network of medical professionals guarantees that every person, irrespective of financial position, can obtain medical help on time.