Cardiology deals with a medical diagnosis related to the heart.

Acute coronary syndrome, pulmonary embolism, acute infective endocarditis, arrhythmia, cardiogenic shock, acute aortic dissection, cardiac arrest are some of the medical emergencies with high mortality rates
This highly specialized form of medical science requires extensive expertise and experience on the part of the medical professional.
Experience must span for both invasive and non-invasive procedures.
Our Team of Cardiac experts are hands on in managing any type of cardiac emergencies.

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At Healthcare365, we have onboard with us both interventional and non-interventional cardiology experts. Our team of cardiologists have years of experience in diagnosing heart defects and implementing a treatment plan that is effective. Our partners include some of the best cardiologists in India as well as reputed cardiac hospitals. This extensive network of medical professionals are experts in invasive cardiology methodologies like angioplasty and stenting as well as non-invasive cardiology processes like echocardiography and nuclear cardiology.

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